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"Think green for comfort, ecology and savings."

Identify the areas in your home that are the major causes of energy loss and expense such as:
  • Insulation defects - Missing, wet or insufficient insulation levels.
  • Air infiltration - Exterior points that allow outside air to displace conditioned air.
  • Exterior doors and windows - Insulation performance and seal effectiveness.
  • HVAC duct leakage - Supply and return air leakage to and from the outside can reduce your systems performance and increase energy cost due to lost conditioned air that never enters your home.
Whether you are building, renovating, or considering a home purchase, investing in an energy audit allows you to make an informed decision that can not only save you money, but enhance the value and comfort of your home.
Utilizing state of the art equipment, we analyze the condition of the insulation in  the exterior walls, attic and crawlspace of your home. In addition a air tightness test is performed on your home that produces the same effects that external winds generate. All tests are non destructive, do not require special preparations and can be performed with occupants in the home.
Combining the data from thermal imaging with the air tightness test, we generate a full report detailing the type and location of energy leaks.  Documentation of this information about the home can make a significant impact in your negotiations, renovation plans or energy conservation plan.
Best of all, "An informed decision is one that you never regret."
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